Fiesta 2021

Ready to crew with Elevated 4x4 for Fiesta 2021?

Ready to crew with Elevated 4x4 for Fiesta 2021?

1) Fill out this crew application – Click Here
2) Fill out this electronic release waiver – Click Here
3) Make sure you are on WhatsApp:

ALL Existing Crew needs to complete the above items

Meeting Place:
We will be meeting at Lowe’s, 3500 NM-528 NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114 in the Northeast corner of the parking lot (behind Hooters to the South).

Meeting Times:
Mass Ascension Days (1st Sat, 1st Sun, Wed, 2nd Sat, 2nd Sun): 4:30am at Lowes
Competition Days for Crew: (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri): 6:30am at Lowes
Competition Days for Pilots/Crew Chiefs: 4:30am at Lowes
Glow Days: 4:30pm at Lowes  (See Pilot Locations below)
ABQ Aloft, Friday, Oct. 1st Meeting Time and Place:
6am, Lincoln Middle School, 2287 Lema Rd SE, RR, NM 87124

Balloon Swap Meet: Balloon Fiesta will again host the Fly Swapper! Oct. 4th & 8th from 11AM-1PM. The set-up area for the Fly Swapper will be on E-1 & E-2 through H-1 & H-2.

FAA Mini Seminars: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri – 11 to Noon – NE Corner of the field in the Group Tour Building.

AAAA Crew Safety Seminar: Tuesday, October 5th, 1pm to 5pm – this is a GREAT seminar for ALL crew chiefs, student pilots, and crew wanting to learn more! Like $25 and worth every penny. For Pilots, it fulfills the WINGS requirement for our insurance.

Covid Policy: The current AIBF Covid Policy will be continually updated here: Right now, they are requiring masks ONLY for all guests and passengers, but not for Pilots and Crew. This could change, but right now it appears that we can perform our duties without being encumbered with a mask. Should masks be added for requirements, Elevated Pilots and crew will remove them during Inflation.

Remind Messages: If you would like to receive important messages for the 2021 Balloon Fiesta, they will be using the Remind System. To receive messages through the text system, please do the following:

81010 (may appear as 810-10 on iPhones)

     Message: @aibf2021

Fiesta Pilot and Crew Training Video:
If you want to find out more about our procedures and safety measures for Fiesta, ALL crew is encouraged to watch this 30 minute video. or visit YouTube Channel

Beth Wright Smith has a safe flying video – great for all crew chiefs, student pilots, and any crew that wants to know more about flying at Fiesta!

Tail Gating: We will tailgate most days back at the field, at FireWorx, or either Joe or Steve’s home. Your favorite beverages will be provided. We are also going to try to get meat and simple fair for food to grill. Feel free to bring sides or coordinate with the crew chiefs and pilots if you would like to bring a specialty. (This means Angella bringing Carne Adovada!)

Clothing: Clothing will be available to order at the website and will be ready for Fiesta if ordered this week.

Gloves: Please get yourself a comfortable pair of leather gloves for Fiesta! Write your name on them.

Dress: Layer! We could have 40 degrees in the am and be 95 by afternoon!

Radios: If you have a radio, please bring it and we will give you the frequencies for Fiesta! A few radio frequencies if you have a radio: 456.8125 Balloon Meister, 119.475 Weather Loop

Pilot/Crew Current PZ Maps: Click here

Our Pilots Individual Schedules:
Steve Williams – Mischief – Click Here
Lonnie Carreathers – Spectrum – Click Here
Bruce Pivic – Miss Wyoming – Click Here

Kent Barnes – Bellestar – Click Here