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Fiesta 2021
Elevated Pilots will be at R8 on Fiesta Field and will be participating in ABQ Aloft, Glows, Mass Ascensions, and Competition!
Below is the itinerary and details for all our Elevated Pilots.

Pilot Registration will be available:
• Wednesday, September 29 from 1600 to 1900
• Thursday, September 30 from 1000 to 1900
• Friday, October 1 from 1000 to 1800  

Competition Banner Numbers 001-299 will not have a “Monday/Tuesday AM and Thursday/Friday AM Launch Site”, unless participating with a Special Shape in the Thursday/Friday Rodeo.
Banner Number: 226
Mass Ascension Launch Site: R8

ABQ Aloft assignments are made based on the school’s participation request and permissions granted by the school district. Please do not move from your assigned school, they will be notified of your upcoming attendance at their school.

ABQ Aloft – Friday, October 1: LINCOLN MIDDLE SCHOOL
Twilight Twinkle Launch Site – Saturday, October 2: T6
Balloon Glow Launch Site – Sunday, October 3: P1
Night Magic Launch Site – Saturday, October 9: Q7

Fiesta Location: R8