This is the Elevated 4x4 Balloon Team Pilots and Crew Chiefs!
Lonnie Carreathers
Chief Pilot
Lonnie is Elevated's Chief Pilot and owner of A1 Fire Protection and Elevated Custom Motors.   Lonnie flies Spectrum, an Aerostar 90, and loves competition flying with Top Gun.  Lonnie is a primary pilot for AIBF 2019!
Steve Williams
Steve is a commercial pilot and lives in Corrales, NM.  He and Lonnie Carreathers are business partners in Elevated Custom Motors.  He loves competition flying with Top Gun and flying with friends and crew!
Morghan "Mo" Chando
Mo is a commercial pilot and works for Pinnacle Propane.   Mo is a AIBF Primary Pilot and loves to fly competition with Top Gun.  Mo is continuing his aviation experience and plans to fly anything that flies!
Kelly Price
Kelly Price flies Primary Colors, a beautiful multi-colored Cameron 90.   Kelly is recently retired from Sysco Distributing and looking forward to flying with the Elevated Team as much as possible.  Kelly is a competition flyer with Top Gun! .
Joe Engle
Crew Chief
Joe is Lonnie's primary crew chief for competition days.  Joe has been ballooning since the 70's when his dad was one of the pilots for Coke.  He learned every position in the setup of a balloon and has seen just about everything in ballooning!  Joe loves to passing on his knowledge and is the chief instructor for the Elevated Balloon Team Crew!
Sandra Fride
Sandra experienced her first Balloon Fiesta in 2012 and fell in love with ballooning.  Born and raised in Latvia, Europe, she enjoys spending time with her friends and enjoying life.  Sandra is navigator for competition and is in training to be an Elevated Crew Chief. 
Jim Engle
Crew Chief
Jim is Steve's primary crew chief for Top Gun.  Jim is Joe's brother and has incredible experience with his dad flying the Coke balloon for many years.   Jim is also dedicated to safety and training!