About us

A community within a community

The Elevated 4x4 Balloon Team is a community within a community. We love all the Balloonists that share in the sport and fun. We also realize that this sport requires a great deal of knowledge, skill, experience, and an overall attitude of safety, adventure, and lust for life! So we decided to bring Pilots, Experienced Crew, and Friends that WANT to become Experienced Crew together and created the Elevated 4x4 Balloon Team.

We fly in Fiesta, Rallies, Competitions, Top Gun, (both US and International) and just about every chance the weather cooperates to go out and train and enjoy. Every Elevated Pilot and Crew Member goes out with a purpose every single day we fly. We never stop learning or expanding our safety and operational protocols.

So whether you are experienced as a crew member looking for a Balloon, a pilot that would like to join a group of like-minded pilots, or somebody that just wants to learn more about balloons and is willing to train and learn…. We would love to see if you have what it takes to join the Elevated 4x4 Balloon Team!

And yes, we drive 4x4’s, our tailgating is epic, and we do actually have ‘Beer Break’ once all the work is done, and the balloon is put away!