This is the Elevated 4x4 Balloon Team Pilots and Crew Chiefs!
Lonnie Carreathers
Chief Pilot
Lonnie is Elevated's Chief Pilot and commercial pilot. He is the owner of Elevated Custom Motors. Lonnie flies Spectrum, an Aerostar 90, and loves competition flying. He came in as one of the top 10 pilots in the world at the 50th anniversary of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!

Steve Williams
Steve is a commercial pilot and lives in the Westside of Albuquerque. He loves competition flying with Top Gun and flying, friends old and new. Steve also does pilot instruction and flies commercially. He can be reached at (505) 977-8390 for more information.

Kent Barnes
Kent Barnes got his fixed wing pilot certificate in college. He has over 2,000 flight hours and is an nationally recognized flight school and commercial pilot instructor. Kent and flown all over the world and appreciates coming to Fiesta and joining the Elevated 4x4 Group. Come out and crew for Kent!

Bruce Pivic
Bruce Pivic has been a pilot it is fabled since Moses delivered the stone tablets. Every Elevated Pilot has been instructed by him. Bruce flies Miss Wyoming balloon and is an unbelievable pilot and gives so much back to his home community in Rock Springs, Wyoming. It's fun crewing for Bruce because more people come to see Miss Wyoming balloon than many of the special shapes!
Jim Engle
Crew Chief/Student Pilot
Jim is Steve's primary crew chief and is a student pilot. Jim is Joe's brother and has incredible experience with his dad flying the Coke balloon for many years. Jim is also dedicated to safety and training!

Joe Engle
Crew Chief
Joe is Elevated’s Senior Crew Chief and is Lonnie's primary crew chief for competition days. Joe has been ballooning since the 70's when his dad was one of the pilots for Coke. He learned every position in the setup of a balloon and has seen just about everything in ballooning!
Pat Lane
Crew Chief
Tech nerd by day, beard oil mixologist by night and a Crew Chief for Elevated 4x4 Balloons. Owner of PLC, LLC and Beard’N’Bush Your Beard, Your Way. I love the science behind ballooning, but I also love helping folks get the best flight of their life and I get to do that with my friends. This is not a job, but rather a chance to fill my soul with adventure and fun!
John Freeman
Core Crew
John started crewing in ‘83 with Jay Mason and the King Strut Balloon. John brings his expertise to the field every day and loves talking and being around people that want to experience the delight of flight!

Thomas Chapman
Core Crew
I began ballooning at the age of 10 in 1999. My father's friend from work took me along for a chase at balloon fiesta and I have been hooked ever since. I love being part of the Elevated 4x4 Balloon Team and can't wait for Fiesta 2021!
Mike Wheeler
Core Crew/Crew Chief
I have been apart of ballooning since the age of 1. My Grandparents owned a balloon and we would go flying most weekends and during the ballon fiesta. My Grandfather as well took flying lessons from Sid Cutter. I have been crewing now with the Elevated ballon team since 2018. 

Emma Sedillo
Core Crew/Student Pilot
I am very passionate about ballooning, and I love the joy and smiles it brings to people. I am a student pilot and look forward to getting my Private certification in the next 2 years. I enjoy competition days with Top Gun and helping on Commercial flights. 

Tammy Lane
Core Crew
“Think Nature First”. My passion is to help people live a healthy lifestyle as a Health Coach and Wellness Advocate. I love being outside, enjoying nature with golfing, hiking and Hot Air Ballooning! I am the Owner of
I have crewed with Elevated 4X4 for several years in multiple support positions and for different balloons. The pilots and crew members exhibit some of the safest teamwork and camaraderie. We have become trustworthy friends and I am honored to be called their friend and part of the Crew.
Angella Carrillo
Core Crew
I began crewing with the Air Bear balloon back in 2001. In September 2020, I began crewing with the Elevated 4x4 Team and I never looked back. I look forward to each flight and learn something new each time. With every flight, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that together we helped fill the skies with beauty. But what I love the most about this Elevated 4x4 Team, and crewing, is being a part of an amazing ballooning family and community. Crewing, mixed in with my love for animals, going to Mexico, enjoying the outdoors and spending time with family and friends, makes life so much more of an adventure. 
Shannon Hildalgo
Core Crew
 I was introduced to ballooning in 1995 while crewing for Wells Fargo Bank and after my first flight, I was hooked. Life happens and I hadn't been involved for several years, then one day in March 2020 I met some of the Elevated 4x4 folks while out wheeling and was invited to join them ballooning .... and here I am! Being a part of the crew is rewarding on many levels and when the opportunity to fly presents itself, it reminds me why I get up before dawn, in freezing weather, and do what we do 

Cindy Springs
Core Crew
I began crewing in December of 2020. It is the one of the best things I got involved with. I love crewing and being with such a great group of people. Ballooning is uplifting even when I am having a difficult day. The people and the balloons always make me smile.
Sandra Fride
Core Crew
Sandra experienced her first Balloon Fiesta in 2012 and fell in love with ballooning. Born and raised in Latvia, Europe, she enjoys spending time with her friends and enjoying life. Sandra is navigator for competition and is in training to be an Elevated Crew Chief. 
Jacqueline Castillo
Core Crew
Has always loved attending the ABQ Ballon Fiesta every October. Got the opportunity to be introduced to the Elevated family back in 2019. Enjoys the sense of peace in the air. Is truly blessed to be part of such a big family.